Request for the demo version

Hello, I requested a free license to test interworx on one of our machines. I contacted twice with all the necessary data but I never heard anything back.

How can I manage to try your software?

Thank you very much
Simone Magnaschi


InterWorx doesn’t own the domain “” You should send your request to to get your single domain license issued.

sorry it was a typo… :slight_smile: I sent 2 emails to this address:

It looks like I emailed you a license on the 9th and then again on the 11th in response to your license requests. You may need to check your junk email and see if it got filtered. It would have been from

If you have another email address I can send it to, I can try that as well.

I replied to you on your email with all the details.
Thank you!

Just sent the info out again! Welcome!