Reseller/Multi Domain Accounts

When I looked at the demo, I only saw 2 levels of members. Admin and Domain.

I’d like to see the ability to give/sell people accounts where they can add on sites, and allocate the amount of bandwidth/space they need to each.

They are working on that but it’s not scheduled for a while (2.0 or so maybey?). Right now they are working on anti-virus/spamassassin and backup/restire stuff. I’m sure Chris will post something here in a day or so.

The reseller level is on the way Sparta. 1.10 won’t have it but the following 1.11 will which won’t be too far behind 1.10 which is out this month.


Just a minor point correction, Chris meant 1.9.0 will be out this month, and the release after that will have reseller support :slight_smile:


haha, indeed, i’m ahead of myself. 1.9 this month, 1.10 reseller support :).


Not 2.0 ?

So if the 1.10 will have the reseller support, the 1.11 the multi domain, what will be the 2.0 ? (:-p)