Restart indicator (after update)

Some major updates, like to the kernal may require a reboot to go into effect IIRC. For those of us, who dont know better, or are using auto update, we may never see these updates, and never know we need to. It would be nice if nodeworx would alert you to this.

I dont know if its possible, or really worthwile, but a suggestion still :wink:

(Im hoping someone will tell me im smoking crack, only windows needs to be restarted to be updated)

You’re not smoking crack. Any software you update on the system can be updated without a restart - it’s simply a matter of stopping it, updating, and restarting it. However, since the kernel runs the system, you can’t stop it and expect to be able to update and restart it, without a reboot.

For clairification, the Kennel CAN be updated with RPM without rebooting, but you will not be using the new version or the kernel untill you reboot. InterWorx is not providing kernel updates, but RedHat used to and I suspect that Cent will eventually. [I’m not correcting you here, just making it clearer for anyone reading this.]

I agree that it would be a good idea to set something up alerting us that a kernel update has happened and we will need to rebood. Alternatively if that is too akward it would be nice to see an indicator on the NodeWorx screen telling is that new upgrades have happened since we last logged in/and or send the same thing in email and provide a link to click to view them rather than having to go in manually and look all the time.

Another slight addition to this with regards to SSL.

I have now had to disable the auto-updates all togather, because I cant have the server restart apache anymore, my ssl cert(des-3) requires me to re-enter the password each time.

Im working on a solution to that, and will post it, it would be nice if it could be integrated into interworx, because the restart button is no longer usable :frowning:


InterWorx needs to restart Apache in order to complete the log rotation when stats are being calculated. The best thing to do would be to remove the passphrase from the private key.

This url shows you how to do this
Under: To remove the pass phrase on an RSA private key

IWorx-Paul -Just found out you can do that. I need to wait a month though until my SSL provider will remake the cert :frowning:

I didnt know that apache needed to be restarted for logs :S.

Actually, you shouldn’t need to get a new cert to do that. The same cert should work fine once you take the passphrase out.