Restoring Siteworx accounts via R1Soft

Hi all,

I’m thinking about moving to R1Soft for handling backups, but I’m unsure how this would work in conjunction with Interworx. A bare metal restore is fine, but I’m struggling to understand how this would work at a Siteworx account level.

For example, if a Siteworx account was deleted by accident, could it be restored easily using R1Soft?

Sure, I could restore all the website and email files via R1Soft Server Manager, but how would we restore things such as Apache config, SSL, DNS entries, Interworx logins and so on?

Using Interworx’s native backup, we get a nice little tarball that can be used to restore a Siteworx account with a minimum of fuss, but I’m unsure how the same thing can be achived using R1Soft (or if it’s even possible).

Thank you for any insight.

Hi sim79

I think your getting a little confused sorry

Using IW backup - if siteworx account fully deleted, you would use import tool to import backup and this would create a new siteworx account. It would not restore the original siteworx account - see end of reply as to why

R1soft - you could not restore to original siteworx account if it had been deleted.

You would have to create a new siteworx account and restore to the new one.

Then you would need to change uid guild of the restore to match the newly created siteworx uid/guid. All other perms would be correct from restore

Both backup options would not change/add back old siteworx account uid/guid, dns etc settings into interworx hence why new siteworx account needs cresting first

The 2 main reasons for using R1soft are

Server loading less using R1soft over IW back

Clients can restore at anytime without asking you - files, folders and databases

I hope that helps a little and we use R1soft

Many thanks


Hi John,

Thanks for your quick response.

Last year, I had to restore 100+ Siteworx accounts for a customer who had accidently deleted them (don’t ask!)

Luckily, the customer had a full set of Interworx-created backup files, which I was able to restore relatively quickly using the import facility within Siteworx.

I was wondering whether an R1soft backup would enable me to do a similar job in the future more efficiently, but it doesn’t seem like it would be the case and there would be a lot more manual configuration required.

Thanks for your input anyway!