RHEL 8, AlmaLinux 8, and Rocky Linux 8 Public Support Released

At long last, support for EL8 has been released! This includes RHEL 8, AlmaLinux 8, and Rocky Linux 8.

Things to know:

  • It is not possible to do an in-place upgrade from CentOS 7. A new, fresh install RHEL 8, AlmaLinux 8, or Rocky Linux 8 is required.

  • If you are migrating from an existing server to a new one, you do not have to purchase an entirely new license key. Your current license can be used on the new server.

    • If the new server has a different IP than the current one, you must first update the license binding before applying the key to the new server. Information on how to do so can be found here: How to: Change the IP Binding of an InterWorx License — InterWorx documentation

    • If you do not take this step, first, before applying the license to the new server, you will get an error stating that the license has already been activated on another IP. If that occurs, submit a ticket to the support desk at https://support.interworx.com with the license key information, and we will manually clear the license binding for you.

  • If you would like a demo key to facilitate the migration, just reach out to InterWorx support by submitting a ticket here: https://support.interworx.com

    Or you can use this form: https://www.interworx.com/interworx-demos/

    • By default all demo keys will be active for two weeks, however, this can be extended to up to four weeks–if you need the extra time, just add that information to the ticket or demo request form
  • Support for RHEL 9, AlmaLinux 9, and Rocky Linux 9 is currently in active development, however there is not an ETA at this time

  • CloudLinux 8 is also supported, however InterWorx must be installed on RHEL, AlmaLinux, or Rocky Linux, first, before installing CloudLinux and enabling the pluigin. Information on using CloudLinux with InterWorx can be found here: How To: Install and Enable the CloudLinux Plugin for InterWorx — InterWorx documentation

To Install InterWorx on RHEL 8, AlmaLinux 8, or Rocky Linux 8:

  1. On a new server or VPS, do a fresh, minimum install of any of the above operating systems.
  2. Enable quotas on the server–information on how to do so can be found here (the link url says CentOS 7 however, these instructions are not specific to that OS–the doc has been updated and edited since it was created): How to: Enable Quotas — InterWorx documentation
  3. Run the installation script–please take note of the listed minimum requirements, especially if using RHEL (RHEL requires installing a few extra dependency repos, which are listed in the documentation): How to: Install InterWorx Control Panel — InterWorx documentation
  4. Activate your license on the new server. Note: This activation process can only be attempted once. If it fails, a full wipe and re-installation will be required. It is strongly recommended to take a snapshot before activating the license, so you can just revert if needed: How to: Activate InterWorx Control Panel License — InterWorx documentation

Information on how to migrate accounts to the new server can be found here: How to: Import Hosting Accounts to InterWorx — InterWorx documentation

Note: It is only possible to migrate SiteWorx accounts. NodeWorx settings are not included and will need to be changed on the new server, manually.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, just submit a ticket to https://support.interworx.com and we will be happy to help you. We do not offer installation or migration services, but we assist as much as we can. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome news! Finally we can set up new servers with an up-to-date OS.

One thing I am not clear on though: If we want to use Cloudlinux, will we have to install CL first and then IW or the other way around?


InterWorx must be installed on EL8, first. (I edited that bit to be clearer).


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