RLimitCPU and CPU Use ?


I have a user who’s scripts on his account keep maxing out the server CPU and want to stop runaway scripts from bring the server to its knees.

if i add RLimitCPU to httpd.conf which would be for all Users on the server or
can i add it to the virtual hosts config in /etc/httpd/conf.d to limit users independently.

I did try RLimitCPU in the httpd.conf but it appeared to have no effect, the default is 300 and i set it lower to 120.

i have also noted that when a user is importing a sql database it uses iworx-web and this is using upto 80% CPU when the database is imported, if its a large database then the load rises ands in some cases the load has gone so high that the server has rebooted.
Is there anyway to limit CPU use when importing a database ?

or is there a better way to limit CPU use for all of the above, any help appreciated.

thank you

Good question Gary and something I would like to know as well.

This seems like a good feature for a future version of Iworx

after reading the forums RLimitCPU can be added to [SIZE=1]VirtualHost section per user account and proved to be effective on my proxy scripts[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]can i use ulimit and add that to [/SIZE] users [SIZE=1]VirtualHost to stop runaway scripts ?

I am interested too. Is it possible to integrate to CP please? Believe that its very simple to integrate to hosting plans/individual setting.

I think is a good feature if Iworx Team want to add it in future version :slight_smile: