Rollover images within subdomains

i have noticed that when using subdomains and rollover images (with preloading) that the image that is supposed to be preloaded isnt. every time you roll over it has to load (from the server) the new image, then load (from the server again) the original image. this is only affected when using the redirected subdomain URL, like is affected by this, but doesnt.

dont know if there is a way around this, but never seen this with CPanel, and CPanel also uses redirects for subdomains, unlike Plesk where a subdomain has its own space.

Is this in IE or all browsers? We’ve had clients who’ve had the same problem and it’s usually an IE issue. Check out this thread for more details and how to “fix”:


it only effects IE that i have seen, works fine in Safari and FireFox.

i followed that link and the .htaccess fix did not work, when using that images would not appear at all either in or, when using any of the three browsers above. as for the httpd.conf file, ive talked to my host and they are not specifically sure which httpd.conf to edit. (as these fixes are for another host, dont know if they will work completely)

genesisrage, the other host is us :). The fix is not a .htaccess file based solution you should make the change in the vhosts httpd.conf. Here’s the exerpt from Paul’s post there:


We ended up solving this by adding the following line to the httpd.conf file:

BrowserMatch “MSIE” force-no-vary

Apparently IE interprets the “Vary” header as “no caching”.

You didn’t indicate if you were a hosting client of ours or not, if you are, let me know what your domain is and I’ll make sure this is set up for you.