Round Robin DNS


I’m just wondering how to setup round robin dns with the dns server you guys are running on here…

I know how todo it with bind, but the same method dosent here. (just adding another a record)

any help would be great.




Just setup multiple A or other records with the same host but different IP address. TinyDNS will cycle between them.


Hmm. thats what I did. but so far it hasent seemed to work.

and that was a creepily quick reply…

Your ISP may be caching a single IP. I’d try this:

% nslookup
>  server <your iworx-cp box's IP>
>  set type=a
>  <domain you want to lookup>

See if that reports > 1 IP.


Iv actually been trying to get it using both from my iworx box the whole time. though the output from what you asked me to type is

Server: localhost

Non-authoritative answer:

bah. from my local computer it now shows up as

> set type=a

DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.

though when pinging from any of my computer/also the dedicated server it still only uses 1 ip.

When you query you’re not querying the recursive DNS server directly. You’re actually querying the local dns cache. A “service djbdns restart” would make flush the cache and cause it to give the expected output.


I restarted djbdns, but it still returns the same thing.

just the 1 address.

Im sure now that its started showing up in nslookup on my local computer it will start working in time. thanks for the help though. and i’m sorry for wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue:

its started working now from some of my computers!

thanks muchly.

edit: omg it started working.

My bad, try this:

svc -a /var/djbdns/dnscache

If that doesn’t work then try:

svc -d /var/djbdns/dnscache
svc -u /var/djbdns/dnscache

One of those 2 should do it :).


that fixed nslookup on my server.


Sorry to bring old thread up.

but are you sure tinydns will automatically cycle between IPs for certain IP and not reply all IPs at once?

never mind, it did cycle IPs :slight_smile: