RoundCube Autoresponder Plugin configuration

Hi folks.

We’re looking at the roundcube autoresponder plugin


configuration as a method of providing a bit more flexibility to users. It looks like it’s compatible with maildrop. In the process of trying to set it up, we encountered this configuration option:

// forward filename
$rcmail_config[‘vacation_forward_file’] = ‘.forward’;

Which got us to looking at how interworx handles forwarding email addresses. We are used to stuff like this being handled in a .qmail-username file, but that is not the case in interworx.

So, this may seem like a silly question, but where on the filesystem are copyto/forward email destinations configured?


Hi aos

I think they are configured in its own db or as part of IW db.

I also seem the remember that roundcube is due to be upgraded to a later version, or at least make it easier to upgrade but there are no time scales for this, which I do not expect timescales to be forthcoming

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Hi John, thanks. Does anyone know if there is consensus at to whether .qmail-username or some other file based configuration can be used as an override for the database?