Can you switch on the RSS-feed for the forum? :slight_smile:

bump could you activate the RSS-function in vBulletin? Would be great to add the site to Google Reader :wink:

This thread has got 223 views as of now with just one reply so far. So RSS support is not just Henrik’s interest.

RSS should be turned on now.

It doesn’t show up under (tried a clean cached browser too) << there’s the URL

Here’s an example URL:,9&lastpost=1

That’ll force the feed to use RSS2 (type=rss2), only show threads from forums #2 and #9 (forumids=2,9), Announcements and the Beer Garden, and show the most recent post in the RSS feed instead of the first post (lastpost=1).

You can’t put a “general” rss-feed that’ll show up in the top of the browser, as in most other vBulletin-forums, blogs, site about cats in their hats? :slight_smile:

Your demand is my command :p. There should be an RSS link in the URL bar now.

Or the other way around?! :smiley: But hey, thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any RSS link at the top. Is it somewhere else?

You run firefox? :wink:
(if so, delete your local cache and reload the forum-site)

[QUOTE=Henrik;12470]You run firefox? :wink:
(if so, delete your local cache and reload the forum-site)[/QUOTE]

I mostly use K-Meleon which loads faster (native win32 clone of firefox). When some sites don’t seem to appear well in it, I try with firefox and then with IE.

Cache is set to clear on closing the browser (k-meleon & firefox).

Attaching browser screen shots (images turned off in K-Meleon)

It is there in Firefox at least! :slight_smile:
(URL window - to the right)

[QUOTE=Henrik;12476]It is there in Firefox at least! :slight_smile:
(URL window - to the right)[/QUOTE]
Where is that URL window? Is that exists in my firefox screen shot?
Anyhow, I have logged in with firefox once again and I don’t see it.

Can you attach a screen shot of yours (pointing the link with a BIG red arrow if possible :wink: )

The little orange thing with the radio-beacon thingy to the far right?! :slight_smile:

Oh no! :wink:

I thought you and socheat for URL window / URL bar meant something within the site (like the links at the top ‘User CP’, ‘FAQ’, … ‘Log Out’). For me it is ‘Address bar’. :wink:

Anyhow, I know that this orange icon represents RSS, but I really didn’t notice it. BTW, I don’t use Live Bookmarks, probably that was the reason to miss it.

What a misunderstanding eh?! :smiley:

These RSS-icons are linked to my Google account, works smashin’!

I have tried it with Google Reader, but that doesn’t seem to get updated when the thread gets a reply.

Oh it doesn’t :frowning: Ah well… email subscriptions works too :slight_smile: