Ruby on Rails

I am having a ton of trouble getting Ruby on Rails to work properly. I have gone though the entire installation process, including phusion passenger. I created a Ruby application, but when I visit it, it goes to the “Forbidden, You don’t have permission to access /rubyapp/ on this server.” Apache page. I also was able to get a node.js application running through phusion passenger on the localhost, but when I try and get it to run over my public IP address or URL, it doesn’t work.

Hi jamrizzi

I hope you don’t mind, but given your error of forbidden, I’m thinking you may have centos 7 using IW 5.1.

If this is correct, you need to manually restart Apache service httpd restart. This is a known bug which IW are aware off - see licensecart post for centos 7

I think this may also resolve your second issue if I am correct and you use centos 7

I could be wrong though, so I apologise in advance

I have not included any previous post over ruby as I know you asked previously

If this is wrong, then you may want to open a support ticket with IW

I hope you don’t mind my thoughts, and perhaps another user may post if they use ruby

Many thanks


Actually, you are incorrect. I am on CentOS 6, and will remain on it until I consider 7 stable enough. But thank you for your help. Restarting httpd did not work. However, I was able to get node to work, but I had to make sure it was on a subdomain set only in my DNS server (not a subdomain set up under the domain section) or else Apache would override the nodeJS. I’m wondering if this is a similar problem with what’s happening with my ruby, and if so how would I fix it? The way InterWorx is configured with Ruby, you have to create your server and files under an apache directory, in which case the apache gets displayed.