Ruby on Rails

Is it currently possible to host Ruby on Rails applications on an InterWorx server ?
If the answer is no : could you add support for RoR apps in one of the next releases ?

Sure, it’s possible, but you’d have to do all the setup yourself roman2k. We’ll considering add the RPMs in the future.


Here are some RPM’s I built to get ruby setup on centos 3.x Also included is mod_fastcgi and fcgi RPM’s which I found on on the net.

This is setup and working perfect on our interworx 2.1.0 box.

Hope that helps someone…

I started looking into this a while back and think I made post in the beer garden.

It’s good to see other people with interest in this. I was going to try it on my testing box, but ever since the hurricane pass over here (South Florida) and my power shut off a couple times the computer will not boot, it freezes half way through boot up :rolleyes: and I have yet to do a resintall, not really looking foward to that.

Ok, thank you for your answers :D.

I’m currently trying to figure this out for a RH9 box. I have Ruby, Rails, and Gem installed. Now im trying to make it work with Apache using SCGI [] (a replacement for FastCGI).

Any progress with ruby on rails on interworx servers?

How are individual accounts setup to use ruby?

Any drawbacks - security and resource issues?

Do you need to allocate ram for each virtual site using ruby?


Currently still on the list of “in the future”, but not much has been done on the InterWorx side. We were able to get installed and running test apps on a few InterWorx devel boxes using FastCGI, but that’s a far cry from being integrated into InterWorx-CP. Check back later… :slight_smile:


Hello Socheat,

Integration between ruby and interworx is not important to me - already offer java hosting which we have automated the setup somewhat.

Installing ruby seems easy - but how does one integrate with virtual hosts? What is needed to give a virtual host access to ruby? I can’t seem to find much info in this area.

I was wondering if others were already doing this and if they had any problems - resource and security wise?


I was also able to get ruby on rails working with interworx and fastcgi for apache

Hello blahrus,

Hows it running? Do you have many users using it? How do you enable it per virtual hosting account? Do you just have to add the fastcgi to their httpd conf file?


I haven’t gotten around to doing much of any testing, as I don’t have anyone that knows ruby stuff atm. Any suggestions?


Do you have an how-to to it? :wink: … directions to follow?

Thanks in advance



Do you have an how-to to it? :wink: … directions to follow?

Thanks in advance


Yes I have a How-To but did you ever have worked with Ruby?? if not then don’t install it because you will make one big mess on your server.


No i’ve never worked with it … a customer of ours asked for that on their server.

What implications will that may cause on a iworx server?

I’ve found some directions … but i’m not sure what implications may have on a production server :-p … maybe a test box, firsth :slight_smile:

Samples what i’ve found:

Advises are welcome :slight_smile:


PS: the client server is with centos4.4 and iworx 2.1.3