Run PHP as apache or siteworx user ( user config)

Hi, I’m new to interworx and my company migrated a lot of content from a old machine to a brand new hosts and in order to get everything to work our datacenter helped us with the migration.

We have some siteworx accounts that need to run their websites as apache because they get all of their content from a “father” account, it’s a old config :(. The problem comes when some customers need to use wordpress or joomla, when this happens a need to change the owner of folders/files, despite the fact that they lose all the permissions. Is there any workaround for this situation? Is possible to explict say that somes accounts are going to process the php scripts as the siteworx user.

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I had this issue at the very start, but it was easier and better to change website then try to separate them.

I do not think you could automate this, other then to manually change permissions as needed depending upon which you set as default

I could be wrong so apologise in advance, and hopefully others will post

Many thanks


Thanks for the reply John, it’s seems to be the only solution.

Yeah, not sure you can do both.

But what is your actual need to run as apache on these old setups?
With that info, maybe I or someone else can give some advice to make it easier to run them as SiteWorx user.