Scheduled backup rotation


When a scheduled backup runs, does backup rotation happen before or after the new backup file is generated? For instance, if I set the “maximum scheduled backups to keep” to 1 (due to space limitations, let’s say), will the previous backup file be removed before or after the new backup is created?


Hi aos

I would hope it creates the backup first, then delete.

You should be able to test, or follow the command routine from nodeworx server settings, logs, iWorx, cron I think from memory

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Does InterWorx support server wide backups at one time? I’ve seen each user can request a backup / restore when they want, but how do I go about configuring a full server wide backup on a schedule?

Do I need to set up a cron job and use the CLI commands to do so?

Hi katronix

Yes, you can backup server wide from nodeworx login, but it is still manual and not cron. Nodeworx, siteworx, backup/restore, select all resellers, tick all (shown at bottom) with select and chose your backup type.

Personally, I would either create your own cron job, or let the clients backup their own or use r1soft/idera

Many thanks