scheduled backups

not really a bug but a possible problem, for me any way.:frowning:

in siteworx scheduled backups, if you have a daily scheduled backup already setup and require another daily backup on the same day.
say you require one backup at midday and another at midnight
(2 backups a day)

When trying to create the 2nd scheduled backup the daily option is missing from the option menu, only week and month is available.

thank you


I have problem with daily backups.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method ExpectWrapper::ExpectWrapper() in /usr/local/interworx/include/FTPExpectWrapper.php on line 209

I get it too, when I try to make backup, like this: /home/interworx/bin/backup.pex --domains domain.tld --xfer-method ftp --transfer-ini /root/transfer.ini

That’s fixed in the just released 4.9.2 update. It should auto apply soon if it hasn’t already, or you can login and run

yum update


still cannot create a second daily backup from siteworx

My problem is solved, thank you!

I have no “Daily” option for my scheduled backups! Running 4.10.1-443 of nodeworx. backups are working fine, but I need the daily option!

Did you set “Enable daily scheduled backups:” to Yes in NodeWorx’s Server > Settings page?

Well of course I didn’t! Thank you sir! And thank you for the quick response!


We need InterWorx to allow more than 3 scheduled backups in order we can have at least 6 backups: 3 local backups (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) + 3 offsite backups using SFTP (Daily, Weekly and Monthly).

IW team just needs to allow to create more than 3. I think its a simple change that will bring much more security and reliability for backups.

Hope IW team can consider to implement this.


Hi nqservices

I think the backup schedule is correct, and should not need more

I think this because when the backup runs, the loading is higher on the server

If using a vps, you have snapshots as well as IW backup

Once the backup has been created, all you need to do is use rsync to copy the already created backup to any offsite server (local or external server) without causing excessive server loading.

You may also want to look into r1soft/idera (plugin from nodeworx) and licensecart offers r1soft/idera licenses/storage

We use r1soft/idera and it works lovely, no server loading and the siteworx accounts can restore from their siteworx account, again, without server loading

Many thanks



Sorry to disagree… I think my suggestion to allow more than 3 backups is a good and valid suggestion. The problem with server load caused by the backups is something that each one should manage depending on their server backup data and specs.

Security comes always above performance! I for example have some clients that have websites that don’t use more than 200MB space and have low visitors and are hosted in a powerful dedicated server. When InterWorx makes backups the server load don’t even reach 40% of server load and because backups are small, they are done very fast not taking more than 5 minutes each. So in 1 or 2 hours during the night i could setup 6 backups with no problem.

I really hope IW team can consider this.

But regarding your suggestion of using r1soft/idera, can i with r1soft/idera have more than the 3 default schedule

Or when using r1soft/idera we are also limited to create just a max of 3 scheduled backups?


Hi nqservices

Many thanks and I understand your thinking, but your sites are not big enough to cause you an issue yet.

Our servers are circa 400gb plus space used

I was thinking about the 3 backup options and you do not need to set weekly or monthly if you are using daily schedule

Reason is the weekly or monthly backups are just a daily backup which run weekly or monthly

I think you missed my point over rsync and loading of more backup routines (even if it does not show on your server)

R1soft/idera - schedule runs at whatever you set your policy to, which is dependant upon your r1soft provider. It is external to IW and a third party supplier, unless you setup your own r1soft backup server but could be set to hourly, daily specific days, monthly yearly etc … You set it on policy

Ours run daily and retains a minimum of 14 days backup but some are set to 30 days plus

I hope that helps

Many thanks


Thanks for the idea. I will look into r1soft/idera solution.

Since you are using it, may you can clarify for me if does r1soft/idera allows to be setup in both NodeWorx + SiteWorx? In your case when you say that yours run daily and retains 14 days, are you doing a full backup from all your clients accounts from NodeWorx?


Hi nqservices

Many thanks

R1soft/idera backs up the entire server (in our case, daily). The first backup is the largest and takes the longest, then it is incremental, again as defined in the policy, with full merge points defined

As it is a full server backup, it covers all siteworx accounts, databases, stats, email etc

Once you activate the r1soft plugin from nodeworx, this activates the siteworx account r1sift plugin, which gives the siteworx account a new menu option on the left, called r1soft restore, which the siteworx account user can use, and replace at will any file, database, table etc… Without any help or intervention from you, and it takes care of all permissions

You could also do a bare metal restore if your server fails

Mike (licensecart) offers r1soft so you may want to have a look at his website, watch the videos etc to have a better understanding of r1soft, but there are a lot of r1soft providers. I mention licensecart as I know him and he has a great reputation within the hosting industry

Many thanks