Scheduled Backups


We had to migrate a Iworx server to a new (iworx) server.
I was doing this with the mass transfer option. But now 1 customer has a problem with his scheduled backups. They’re gone. No entry in crons and no tgz files in iworx-backup.
Unfortunately i deleted the account on the old server.
Is it possible to find out, why there are no files/cron anymore?


Hi morti

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I believe the mass transfer saves a log, or is inserted into IW log, so you may want to check your logs. However, this depends upon how long ago it was transferred to been notified of issue

On the siteworx account in question, are the settings correct for backup, if not, can you set them as you want and test

If they are set correct, can you delete them and re enter them then test

Does the backup work in manual mode

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks