Scheduling ./iworx.pex --daily

Hi guys,

./iworx.pex --daily

According to cron, this is set to run at 14:50 every day.

What would be the consequence of moving this to another time of day? Or even the early hours of the morning when the server is less busy?

This thread ( suggests it would be fine, but since it’s over 10 years old, I’m double-checking the advice is still relevant.

Just simply change the hours and mins to the selected in NodeWorx / Server / Cron.

Hi sim79

That seems a strange time but I think it depends upon your time zone settings

My personal thought is changing to a more preferred time for you, should be no issue or cause no issues to IW or server, apart from your daily run would change

I think daily cron run covers any scheduled backup you may have setup in siteworx accounts, web site stats etc, and checked for updates I think

Many thanks


Thanks both!