ScriptWorx HELP Text needs changing

A customer of mine tried to install Gallery in a Subdomain. He could NOT get the script installed or had other issues when trying to install using ScriptWorx. They are getting a lot of Failure’s when installing.

I believe one of the issues is how the Quick Help is worded.

Here is the actual text:

[SIZE=1][SIZE=2]Enter the directory to which you would like to install this script. The directory you enter begins at the root of your website URL. Therefore, if you want to install to the root, that is, http://domain/, enter a / (forward slash) or leave the box blank. If you want to install to a subdirectory, enter the full path starting from the root of the website URL. ex: for http://domain/scripts/forum, enter: scripts/forum - NOTE: No trailing slashes are needed.[/SIZE]
The customer followed the instructions above with no success.

In reality the trailing slash, IS NEEDED to get the script to install. As that is the only way that I have seen to get the script installed.

After I told him to add the trailing slash, Gallery installed with no problem.
Hopefully in the next update to IW that QUICK HELP will be corrected.


First of all, sorry for taking so long to respond to this thread.

I’ve been looking into this and it appears that you are referring to 2 different things. The quick help you refer to talks about subDIRECTORIES


and is corect. You do not need a trailing slash to install in a subDIRECTORY. I’ve tested this on several scripts.

You said your client was trying to install in a subDOMAIN


The only way I know to do that is to either create a new SiteWorx account or secondary domain

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Paul and I were just chatting about this and he pointed out that your client may have been attempting to install a script in a subdirectory but expecting the subdomain (a redirect to a physical subdirectory) to work. This would normally work as long as the script does not put the base URL in it’s configuration file. That does not explain the need for a trailing slash though.

Could you please post more info about the specific issue here including what script he was trying to install? I tested it on both WordPress and Gallery.