ScriptWorx install issue

I am trying to install SMF on a SiteWorx site. I am trying to install SMF into a directory that is located in a protected directory which the protected directory is in web root. The protected directory, lets call directory1 and the sub-directory in the directory1 directory is smf.

So the path is as follows (relative to root) /directory1/smf

When I go to install SMF from ScriptWorx, I get this error message:

There was a problem creating the directory you specified. Make sure that all parent directories exist.

The parent directory DOES exist. Here is all the combinations I tried in the set up directory field in ScriptWorx:


None of those worked. So I figured maybe the fact that /directory1 is “Protected” using File Manager, so I went and unprotected /directory1

Tried loading again and still having same issue.

Anyone have any ideas?

As I recall this issue was dealt with via support ticket, just for the forum record.