scriptworx - Moodle (cms)


It would be nice to have moodle cms included in scriptworx … :wink:



With V3, now you can do it yourself :wink:

We’ve been putting a few together… maybe Iworx can provide a repository of ‘3rd-party’ installer scripts, which can eventually be bunged into the CP?

This would enable requests like this to be shared amongst the community to make the ScriptWorx package, extremely comprehensive :slight_smile:

If you guys put the work into creating an installer for a new script, and agree to maintain it, we could possibly add it to the current repository until we work out a 3rd-party repository system.

How does Moodle differ from other CMSs in the same market segment?

No ideia … just very popular among our customers… :wink:

Just the response I was looking for :wink: :smiley:

Moodle isn’t a CMS in the usual sense – it’s “courseware” (used for offering online educational courses) as is indeed very popular. Check out for more info on it.

The most current version of Moodle unforunately won’t run on the default MySQL for all of our supported distros (RH9 and CentOS/RHEL3 and Fedora 1 all come with MySQL 3.x) and requires some custom php settings which is probably why it was not included to begin with

Unless something has changed (and Socheat will no doutbt correct me if it has :wink: ) Currently ScriptWorx does not have any way to determine weather a server has these system requirements or not.

Ok… i understand that … :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, for those who need to install it, you’ll need a couple of php.ini ajustments:
uncomment the line: extension=php_mbstring.dll

php.ini or apache conf file for that domain:
php_admin_flag session.bug_compat_warn Off
php_admin_flag magic_quotes_gpc On

(CenOS 4.4 with iworx 2.1.3 and moodle 1.8)


Never meant to imply that it wasn’t possible to install – it is, I’ve done it before :slight_smile: – just that if we add it as a scriptworx module and someone installs it and they are not running the corect mysql or set the corect php variables then it would not work for them and we’d get tons of support tickets from people expectint us to support them because we distributed the software :wink:

The php variables thing could be fixed with a .htaccess file to set them on that specific site (or a note could be added to the interface telling people to do this manually).

The MySQL version issue is not so easy.

A future version of ScriptWorx will be able to check for prerequesites like this, but for now we have to be carefull what modules we distribute :slight_smile: