Scriptworx only show lang variables and not all scripts

Hi, wonder if anyone has experienced this when in Siteworx and clicking on Scriptworx:

Iworx has been restarted
Different templates and language has been tried
All gives same screen.

The siteworx/scriptworx.php file has the following attributes:

-rw-------  1 iworx iworx 14431 May 23  2007 scriptworx.php


Hi tsl,

Can you try disabling the ZenCart script in NodeWorx, and then go back and see if the problem goes away?


Wow Paul, you definately know something I don’t :slight_smile:
Disabling ZenCart resolved the scriptworx page issue. Thanks a bunch!!

So, I have no customers yet asking for ZenCart but would you have a fix for this possibly? No rush at all though…

Thanks again

I can confirm that we’ve got this issue too, on a CentOS4.5 box running Iworx 3.0.4

Is there a permanent fix for this? Disabling ZenCart did sort it out, like tsl did.

Yes, a ScriptWorx update is out now that addresses this problem. If the server is configured to auto-update the scriptworx modules, it will fix itself shortly, otherwise you can update it via the NodeWorx interface.