Scriptworx problem

[B]Hi all,

I have problem, not about domain now it function correctly (thank you Socheat :)), but about scriptworx when i want to install xoops with scriptworx, the installation fails and the message is “There was an error while installing the script”. Is what somebody already had this problem? If yes, can you say the solution please.

Question For Interworx Team :
I have an other question, When will leave yourself the patch for the problem with french language ?

[/B][B]Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hi Gimly-

There is a known issue when using ScriptWorx to install Xoops on machine with MySQL 3. We have this issue fixed but I will need to patch your machine. I will use the information from the other support ticket to take care of the problem.


Hi Gimly-

The problem with Xoops and ScriptWorx is fixed. Please let us know if you have any more problems.


Ok thank you Dustin, that it is fast intervention :slight_smile: :)! One sees that you are of good professionals :wink:

Scuse me still, but now when i install xoops with scriptworx, when i’m logged on xoops, i can’t access to admin panel, it delogged me.

Hi Gimly-

How are you accessing the administrator panel? I’ve always accessed the admin panel by logging in and then clicking on the Administration link in the user menu on the left. The first time you access the administrator section there is a message something like “If this is your first time, click submit”. After that you can access the admin section.


[B]I access same manner, I still test.

Edit : The problem persist, for all link (admin panel, inbox, etc …). I 'll look with the franch community of xoops.

[B] correction, it is with all script that that does not function, when I want logged my identifiers (I have test xoops, wordpress, phpbb) and either I cannot be recorded, either that made like xoops. I think it’s problem with the database.

If you can look.

Thank you in advance.

[B]I think the problem is general, i have test with wordpress (I can’t login in administration ), with phpbb (i can’t login) and xoops (error i don’t have permission for access admin panel).
If you have the solution.

Thank you in advance for your answers.


Hi Gimly-

This sounds like a slightly bigger issue now ;). Can you please open a support ticket so that we can take a look?



Ok no problem Dustin :slight_smile:

I have the same issues with phpbb, and the admin page loading blank . . . I have a feeling it is a php option somewhere.


Hi Clint-

If you are getting a whitescreen when launching phpBB, could you check the $dbms variable in the config.php file (in the main installation folder of phpBB). If it is blank and you are running MySQL 3.x, set it to mysql.

As for the admin page loading blank, what script are you referring to? phpBB or Xoops?


The phpbb admin screen.

It is set to: $dbms = ‘mysql4’;

well assuming you are using php3 changing that entry will likely fix your problem.

[root@srv001 ~]# php -v
PHP 4.3.11 (cgi) (built: May 21 2005 19:10:19)
Copyright © 1997-2004 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright © 1998-2004 Zend Technologies
[root@srv001 ~]#

Nope php4.