ScriptWorx problem

My domain is fully propagated. It was showing the default IW page before I installed phpbb via SW. I installed phpbb correctly, now all I see is blank page (root directory install).

DNS still shows well, files do appear as does the database.

Any suggestions?

There is a known issue with ScriptWorx phpBB installations on systems running mysql3 (which has since been fixed).

To fix the existing installation of phpBB, you need to edit the config.php file (in the root directory in this case). Open up the config.php file and verify you see this:
$dbms = “”;
If you do, change it to this:
$dbms = “mysql”

If not, then something else is the matter, and I would encourage you to open a support ticket. Once you make that change, phpBB should show up when you go to your url.

In order for us to patch your box so that future installations of phpBB via ScriptWorx don’t suffer from the same problem, please submit a support ticket.


Any quick way to upgrade the mysql to 5?

Also, anyway to update these scripts automatically via cron? PhpBB is outdated, latest is v2.19 for example.

As for the update question:

Coming in the next version of ScriptWorx is a system that will be able to automatically update the versions of scripts that ScriptWorx will install. It will not update existing installations of a script, only which version of a script is Installed.


This can ONLY be done from source RPM at this point and is considered experemental. To my knowlege InterWorx has not been tested running MySQL 5. You won’t hurt the panle itself by doing this (InterWorx runs it’s own instance of MySQL for just this reason) but it is possible that InterWorx and the included phpMyAdmin will not be able to control the MySQL 5 server.

Proceed at your own risk.