ScriptWorx - Script Descriptions


I know you guys are flat out with the next version and ScriptWorx will have been enhanced, but we have had a number of customers say taht they would like it if they could see a description of what each script is when in the scriptworx page

eg: phpNuke Desc: “A PHP Content Management System”

Is this something that can be done on a tooltip, or as a hover?



This isn’t in the software right now bit is probably doable.

Untill then, we do have a categorized scripts list on the webite

Not exactly what you are looking for but it’s something.

Ah-Ha, hadn’t seen that list before!!

Much obliged Tim. :slight_smile:

List looks good!

One thing; shouldn’t “InterWorx 2.2.0” be InterWorx 3.0 :wink:

Yeah, I mentioned that to Tim yesterday and he said he would update it :wink:

Some of the script versions are out of date too. We’ll get it up to date by release :smiley: