Scriptworx updates?

Is there any sort of automatic updating done with software installed by Scriptworx? i.e. when Interworx updates, does phpBB et al get updated?

There are two different update questions and I’ll try to address them both in a non confusing manner :slight_smile:

Q: When a new version of InterWorx comes out, are the included Scripts updated to the newest version?

A: Yes. In the works is a mechanism to guarantee that the most up to date version of a script is being installed via ScriptWorx. As of right now, we are manually updating the Script packages to ensure the most current version being distributed with the InterWorx-CP release.

Q: After installing a script via ScriptWorx, will ScriptWorx automatically update my script?

A: No. If ScriptWorx installs phpBB 2.0.16, and 2.0.17 is out, you will either have to install 2.0.16 and then manually upgrade to 2.0.17 or manually install phpBB 2.0.17.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Is there an upgrade for scriptworx coming out for gallery? That will allow upgrades from 1.5 > 2 ?

The 2.0.2 version of Gallery is in the next release of ScriptWorx.