scriptworx wordpress

I was just wondering if anyone else was having trouble installing wordpress via scriptworx.

For the life of me I can’t get it to work.

I just keep getting this error:
? There was an error while installing the script

any help would be appreciated.

If you would care to open a support ticket, We can help you resolve this. Wordpress via ScriptWorx should work without a hitch.

You can submit a ticket at the following url:


I should also mention that you can look in ~iworx/var/log/iworx.log to see where the ScriptWorx installation of WordPress is failing.

In the logs you should be looking for something like the following:

Sep 14 07:03:50 scriptworx.php [info] script begin
Sep 14 07:03:50 scriptworx.php [debug] scriptworx.php --install wtfcom WordPress 1.5.2 /home/wtfcom/ location=testWorx,username=djw,password=haha,first_name=Dustin,last_name=Williams,site_name=djw,short_description=h
Sep 14 07:03:51 mysql.php [info] script begin
Sep 14 07:03:51 mysql.php [debug] mysql.php --chgrp --gid 545 --database wtfcom_word2
Sep 14 07:03:51 mysql.php [info] script end
Sep 14 07:03:51 scriptworx.php [debug] importing databases
Sep 14 07:03:52 scriptworx.php [debug] barfing: /home/wtfcom/
Sep 14 07:03:52 scriptworx.php [info] script end