Scrollout F1

Hey all,

As I’m sure many of you are, always looking for something better than SpamAssassin. I was curious if anyone has used Scrollout F1? Does it work with IW? is it better than SpamAssassin?



Hi Kat

Sorry I had never heard of that, but there’s lots I have not heard about

A quick look at it, and without been sure of how you meant by use or integrate with IW, I am going to assume you meant use on same server, so

No, the install instructions for scroll f1 state do not install on existing system

It runs on Debian so standalone server required

If running standalone, it should be relatively easy to tell IW to use mail gateway, so that all email goes through scroll f1

There are a couple of things though, do you update spam assassin rules regularly

Have you looked at spamdyke, which does integrate with IW

I hope that helps and hopefully another user will post their thoughts

Many thanks


Hey John,

Yes after looking at the page more, I did see it was meant for a stand alone machine.

However thanks for letting me know about the SpamAssassin updates, I somehow figured it did sa-update on its own I will add a cron job for it.

Is there a way to scan email that has already been downloaded and waiting for delivery with the new rules?


Hi Kat

Many thanks

Spam assassin works on 2 levels I believe firstly on the incoming SMTP original connection (too late for this) but also at each domain level, so if email is in queue, prior to delivery to mailbox, it should scan it. If in mailbox, too late

There’s a few other areas where you may want to tweak, SMTP at MTA, set slightly lower for score say 6 and lookup some good RBL and add to reject list for RBL

There’s also phyzor, which you need to yum install but I think I have misspelt the name sorry, add phyzor to global test, then restart qmail and spam assassin, and it should help a great deal

Hope that helps

Many thanks