Search ALL Users Email

Is there a way to search all users’ email for a set of terms? We received a subpoena requiring us to comply.

grep -R "<Search string>" /home/*/var/*/mail/*/Maildir/*

This should work.
you can read more about it here: nixCraft

This will output the content of the emails to your commandline. If you only want the filenames, add ‘-H’. Observe that the search string is case sensitive, to make it case insencitive, add ‘-i’ to the query.

Thanks Evanion! Trouble is, I can’t even get a command line interface. This system is so frustrating to work with. GRRR… I used Putty to connect but it keeps saying access denied. :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Well, you will need CLI access for this… I suppose you could always download a php based CLI interpreter (popular by hackers to gain access to systems). Please note though that it’s a EXTREMELY high security risk. Your best action would be to contact someone that can help you gain CLI access via SSH/IPMI (And if your running jailkit, LVE, cageFS etc, a regular user won’t be able to get root access). Your system provider should be able to help you with that.

My recommendation is SSH access, with public key authentication, and a user that have sudo access. Letting ROOT login via SSH is a big risk.


I think you may not have SSH enabled on the account your trying to log in with or your credentials are wrong.

It’s good practice to use su or sudo instead of root

Please ignore if you have SSH set nodeworx server setting ssh

I hope this helps

Many thanks


SSH itself is a package for the operating system. And not really dependant on Iworx. Iworx have APIs to let you activate and deactivate ssh access for siteworx users. But those users don’t have sudo access. As I said before, your best option is to contact your system administrator/provider, and have they help you gain ssh access via a user with sudo rights.

Sounds easier to replace Interworx. Think that is the path I will take.

Hi Chris

I’m sorry to hear you think it’s easier to change from interworx to another.

In my honest opinion, based on testing interworx for over a year, with over 100 user accounts, it performs exceptionally well, with extremely good support and forum, from very very knowledgable people, and we also tested most of the other control panels for Linux, in our view interworx came out on top, for ease of use, configure ability, reliability, HA etc and at very reasonable prices. We have infact purchased 2 more Licences.

I know avanion is extremely knowledgable, and his posts here on your question are correct, and should work fine and very quick.

I’m not too sure exactly what you were expecting, but I think avanion is correct when he stated contact your provider, or if you have purchased interworx, you could open a support ticket, and if you find it frustrating to SSH, then you could pay for work to be completed.

I hope you change your mind, as any control panel will have certain features you want but are not installed as part of the control panel and are reliant upon the operating system, which how this is installed, is dependant upon the Linux used.

Many thanks


Uninstalling Interworx is not really a solution. Changing control panels is not something to be undertaken lightly.
The fact that your reaction at the first signs of trouble is to jump ship, highly concerns me.

Changing control panels will require access to root via SSH, and will create several days of extra work for you.
I would not recommend anyone to change control panels on a running server. If we were to switch control panels, I would set up a clean install on a new server, with the new control panel, as most control panels use their own packages of services (apache, mail etc.). And then migrate the customer accounts.
But even migrating accounts will take several days… setting up a new system, testing it, securing services, educating support staff on the new system, usually takes a month or so… then you need to migrate all accounts, informing customers, coordinating with users using external DNS servers, you should also take into account the increased support requests from your customers, as they are unfamiliar with the new system.

If you have a court order to provide information stored on the server, I wouldn’t do anything that risk damage the files. If something happens, you can be charged with tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice.

And even if you change control panels, no other system will make this part any easier. The operation you want to do would be the same in all available systems.