Search function not finding anything and display issue


I think the search function, from nodeworx, resellers, accounts, is not working.

I did a test using a domain held in a reseller account, and it said it could not find anything matching.

I then checked the nickname and domain name, which were set the same,, retested again, and same result of nothing found. Lastly, I then selected all resellers, retested and same result, nothing found.

Also, the displaying of reseller bandwidth from nodeworx, bandwidth, works lovely with the first default account, usually, the admin account, but as soon as you select a reseller account, the following happens, as shown in picture, and it never stops showing loading bar…

It does though, allow you to select the highlight date (note you cannot select any shown in the grey loading section) and then it displays the information.

I have only tried this in IE10, but would consider the search function to be the same in all browsers, not too sure about bandwidth history.

I hope this is of some help

Many thanks