Secondary DNS ~ How Do I Set This Up?

hi all:

i have a number of sites on one of my boxes where i have “Secondary DNS” services through What is the best way to enable DNS zone transfers after the NS records are added in the IW CP for the site? basically, all i want to do is allow dyndns’s servers the ability the read the zone, similar to bind’s allow-transfer directive in a zone file. i just need the equivalent in djbdns that will do what this does:

bind file: /etc/bind/

Master zone template configuration file
zone “” IN {
type master;
file “/var/named/”;
allow-update { key “wp_default_key.”; };
allow-transfer { localhost;;; 123.456.789.012; 456.789.123.123; };

is there a simple way to do this with tinydns?

thanks in advance,

UPDATE: I have tried the following without success on being able to transfer the zone on

[root@host etc]#adduser Gaxfrdns
[root@host etc]#adduser Gdnslog
[root@host etc]# axfrdns-conf Gaxfrdns Gdnslog /etc/axfrdns /etc/tinydns
[root@host etc]# echo ‘:allow,AXFR=""’ > /etc/axfrdns/tcp
[root@host etc]# echo ‘,AXFR=“”’ >> /etc/axfrdns/tcp
[root@host etc]# echo ‘,AXFR=“”’ >> /etc/axfrdns/tcp
[root@host etc]# echo ‘,AXFR=“”’ >> /etc/axfrdns/tcp
[root@host etc]# echo ‘,AXFR=“”’ >> /etc/axfrdns/tcp
[root@host etc]# cd /etc/axfrdns/
[root@host axfrdns]# make
tcprules tcp.cdb tcp.tmp < tcp
[root@host axfrdns]# ln -s /etc/axfrdns /service/
[root@host axfrdns]# sleep 5
[root@host axfrdns]# svstat /service/axfrdns/
/service/axfrdns/: up (pid 4405) 20 seconds

Question: With IW, do I need to create the ‘axfrdns’ directory in /home/interworx/etc instead of how I have done it above? I do have TCP port 53 open on the panel and have even tried the above with APF stopped.