secondary domain preview

How can a user view a site using secondary domain on siteworx prior to pointing the domain to the server?

Primary domain you can use http://hostname/~username - how can this be handled with secondary domain?


Hi Kipper,

One option to see if a siteworx primary or secondary domain works before setting up DNS is to edit your hosts file to point to the IP that siteworx account is hosted on. Editing it is simple, you just need to add a line that looks like the line in bold:

#This is an example of the hosts file  localhost loopback
::1        localhost

the hosts file is usually located in: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ for Windows and /etc/hosts for Linux and Mac OS’s

There isn’t a ~username shortcut for a secondary siteworx domain because it shares the same unix user as the primary siteworx domain. Does this help?

Maybe a InterWorx could come up with a numbering scheme like the primary domain might be so the Unix user would be “mydomain” so swap the last 3 charactors (to cover ALL bases in case some one should every have more than 100 secondary domains) with numerals, so I add the UNIX user would be “mydom001”

I am sure this is how InterWorx handles like domains, as I have two SiteWorx accounts that are using the same first 8 characters the same, the UNIX user is changed with a number for the last character.

Just a thought.