Secure password generation change


It seems that the secure password generation method uses some sort of dictionary of sorts and combines 4-5 words into a long one.

I would like the passwords to be generated from random numbers, letters, characters and uppper/lowercase combination.

Can this be modified anywhere?


Not at present, no - This is partly because those passwords are vastly easier to remember but massively higher-entropy. That is, harder to guess at random.

Thanks Robert, but by looking at them I know this is the pattern: 1 upper case + 4 lowe case + 1 upper case + 1 lower case…

This could be implemented to create an easy enough brute force attack, don’t you think?


Not necessarily - There’s no inherent pattern to the word choice, and it chooses words between two and seven letters each.

OK, perfect. Can this still be left as a “feature” for the future and, if plenty of people ask for it, go into production? :wink:



I’ll drop it in the request queue.