Security Problem (rfi & lfi)

After several tests, we found a problem with the interworx configuration
I highly recommend everyone to install mod_security2 and take the rules to

edit /etc/php.ini

disable_functions = dl, exec, system, passthru, shell_exec, escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd, pcntl_exec, c99_buff_prepare, c99_sess_put, popen, pclose, proc_get_status, proc_open, proc_close, proc_nice, proc_terminate, show_source

and change chmod of these directories to 711



chmod 711 -v /chroot/home/*/*.tld
chmod 711 -v /chroot/home/*/*/html/


Hi Darknet,

Could you give us some more details on what security issues you’ve found? We’d love to give our product better security out of the box if the problem warrants it.