Server Backup advice?

Need some advice on backups
As you all know Almalinux support is available in beta and i decided to give it a try as my server is very old (centos6 and interworx 6)
Purchased another server with Almalinux installed to hopefully install with Interworx 7 and then migrate over from my old server.
Not as easy as i thought the interworx install went ok but final activation had an issue so had to scrap that server and reinstall os again. Now on my fourth os reinstall, very frustrating and datacenter not to happy :frowning:
Must say as i pointed out to support i cannot believe that you have to totally reinstall the server just because the last bit of the interworx install fails at activation.

Anyway lets move on, i have a backup server that i use to backup siteworks accounts, backing up a server os is not as simple as the accounts though. Looking for a way or a provider to backup the whole server before the interworx install is run.
If it fails i can then return to a restore just before the install was run.
May be to costly for me but cannot keep reinstalling the os.

Thank you

Hi bear

Hope your well

Please understand it is a IW beta and hope you opened a support ticket with IW to let them know/have a look

I have just had to change our third party R1soft backups to a new provider and I am amazed at the new company

Very polite and knowledgeable and prices are very good in todays market

There based in USA

If you want to have a look the company we are using is soladrive - I think it is

R1backuo gives you bare metal restore amongst other restore options

Many thanks


Yes contacted support and they tried to install and had same results. Probably done the same beta or not.

R1soft are getting bad feedback at the moment from what I am reading. Will take a look at those suggestions.
Have a good weekend
Thanks for reply

Hi bear

Many thanks

I think your referring to the issue in February which has been/should have been patched by authentic suppliers

I am sorry I cannot think of anything other then that as it just works lovely

And contrary to what I was told a few years ago from our old supplier and confirmed by IW Jenna soladrive use the latest cdp which just works without issue

There is the other backup which I can’t think it’s name now but after reviewing costs, is a lot more expensive and I have no experience of using it

Many thanks


Hi John
Just looking at soladrive, servers in the uk are priced reasonable as well.
Acronis and R1soft do bare metal restore from what i am reading.
Bare metal restore looks complicated to me, very different to just backing up Siteworx accounts.
I once had a server with a company that had the option to install any os myself with a few clicks, was so easy.
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: