Server Backups

It would be nice if the server admin could do a full server backup in the CP.

That’s a step of two ahead of where they are now. The backup script they are finishing now will do a complete backup of a single SiteWorx account. The NodeWorx user will be able to restore it.

The next step will be to allow partial (just web, just email, just database, etc. in any combination) backups of the existing SiteWorx account. This would then add the ability for SiteWorx to restore from these backups.

Next will probably be a backup of the NoteWorx settings (packages, settings, etc).

Finally would be a complete backup/resotore of the while box but that’s a LOT of data

Those who are doing complete backups now are mostly using backup scripts using rysync (scheduled with cron) to do it for them. It is important to shut off your services (http, smtp, mysqld, etc) to avoud corrupted config files in the backups. Search this forum for several good threads on the subject.