Server dead

Hey guys, I have a server that’s dead and have opened up a couple of urgent tickets.

I cannot log into this site to check the status of a trouble ticket because It is not taking the password I am giving it, I cannot receive the appropriate password because the email address for the login is on the server that is now dead…

I don’t know if this is an interworx problem or not, but the server has been down all day and I need to get it resolved…


Hi Dave,

If you send another e-mail to from your ibm e-mail account it should automatically open a ticket and give you support desk login information.


I found my login, however, when I access the ticket system it does not recogonize me and will not allow me to login with the user/pass I login to myiworx with…

Done Paul,

Not sure what I was supposed to put in it…

You should get an e-mail from the support desk system that tells you what password to use to login with, in response to that e-mail.


Paul, I did get logged in, how do I access the tickets I already opened up?


I’ve merged the other tickets into the last one you opened Dave.