Server dies at 16:00 everyday

Hello. I have a quick question I hope you can answer, my CentOS 5 iworx server is dying (or nearly) everyday at 16:00, is there any way I can have my server to die at a more convenient time? The rest of the day server load is normal so I am pretty sure it is not one of my scripts, I think the culprit is a combination of yum and awstats but I’d really appreciate if anybody could provide an easy and understandable way to move these jobs to a less busy time. I already tried disabling awstats form Iworx to no avail, server kept dying.

Thank you.

Edit the CRON jobs for the iworx user in the NodeWorx .
Change the daily one if that is the issue.

I had already considered that but there is no scheduled cron job at 16:00, that is the weird part of this and the reason I came here for help, no big deal, I’m kind of used to that, I just thought maybe there could be someone who could point me in the right direction to solve this so I will not have to sit on my desk everyday at four to CPR my server.
Thank you for replying.

Hello -

Can you be a little more specific about how it’s “dying”? Is it high load, rebooting, long response times, etc?

If you can log a support ticket, we may be able to look at it while it’s happening and figure something out.


Tim, sounds like the same problem I had with one of my servers a while back. It was overloading when it ran its updates/logs/stats in the back side of the morning.