Server Migration

Hey all,
I’m trying to migrate a Nodeworx server from one hardware box to another. The hardware box right now has software RAID and the controller interface says it’s in need of being rebuilt by the software, but the server runs. I just want to migrated the accounts, db’s, mail, etc to a new server with a considerably larger hardware RAID array. If I try to perform a mass migration it comes up with >>Unknown error. and it won’t get passed that. Is there way to rsynch the data from one server to another and have it boot. I already have a clean install of Nodeworks 3 on the new server. The old server has Nodeworx 3 as well. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


We had an ‘Unknown Error’ while performing a migration of a box this week (last batch being done tomorrow - yippee!).

What it ended up being was a corrupt database on the old server in one particular account. Try backing up (on the old server) the account which you get the error for, then tail -f /home/interworx/var/log/iworx.log until you find ‘the error’ (may be similar) and this will hopefully point you in the right direction.

If it does, fix the error and try the mass import tool again - we’ve moved about 150 sites with the mass-xfer util and it’s been (apart from the one incident which we resolved) absolutely rock solid! :smiley:

I forgot that i had disabled root login via SSH on the old box and that was my reason for the “Unknown error”

Justec your a genius… I completely forgot and didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Guess I had a moron moment. Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback.


[QUOTE=bartigas;14135]Guess I had a moron moment.[/QUOTE]Guess that makes 2 of us :smiley: