Service / Daemon API

Hello InterWorx Lads,

As Team Ubersmith heads back to the salt mines to improve our InterWorx integration, we’d love to see an API call added that will let us query the current state (up, down, on fire) of services (httpd, mysqld, etc.) running on the host.

I’m sure we’re going to be making numerous irritating posts to this new forum in the weeks and months to come, so why not start big.


Sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

I’ll post an update when it’s real.

It’s real. Or, it will be in the next build, anyway.

There’s a new action on the Overview controller (listServiceStatus) that will list the status of all InterWorx-managed servers, pretty much identical to the data listed in the “Service Status” section of the NodeWorx Overview page.

In addition, the 17 controllers associated with these services have 11 new functions each - start, stop, restart, isRunning, listServiceInfo, listPortNumbers, listServiceName, listRequiredPermissions, listGeneralName, etc.

All in all, we’re adding over 200 actions to the API (and documentation!) for the next release. Enjoy.


Outstanding! I can’t wait to try it out.

Thanks again for your hard work.



Congratulations on the release Tim and Team. I look forward to giving the new API calls a try!

Thanks again,


This is perfect! Thanks for this great addition to the API!