Service Version Numbers

have somewhere, preferably for both NodeWorx and SiteWorx that will display the version numbers or certain services, like PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin. the first two being more important, as a webmaster its nice to know the versions because some commands only work in certain versions of PHP and MySQL, etc…

something in SiteWorx would be nice, like on the overview page, so webmasters of other SiteWorx accounts can see the versions as well.

I’ve often thought it would be nice to have that feature as well. I end up finding it by digging around in some script already in another web app somewhere – but built directly into Nodeworx/Siteworx would be a nice option.

This is also coded for most services (djbdns, httpd, php, mysql, qmail, clamav, spamassassin etc and already in 1.10 :).

I’ll make sure that phpMyAdmin, Horde, Squirrelmail etc get into the software but I can’t guarantee 1.10 on this, but will try.