Set Default VHOST page/account

Basically, there needs to be a way to control the order of vhost entries. Otherwise, the first defined vhost site will appear for sites not yet setup for the server. Ideally, you could control what appears when nothing is setup. Either a marketing page (that site isn’t setup, but look here for details on our hosting) or a generic “coming soon” page.

How to produce the issue

  1. Nodeworx does not have account setup for site
  2. Client update their private NS to point to that server
  3. Server serves up first vhost entry it finds ( ).
  4. Client upset their site appears to be another, unrelated business site.

How it should work:

  1. Nodeworx not setup to host domain
  2. Apache config generated by nodeworx always inserts a standard vhost entry before all other entries. This points to a place holder account with a coming soon page.
  3. Server returns this page until an account is appropriately setup

We do this with a 000000.conf file, does the same job and doesn’t get overwritten, but does have to be done manually at the moment

This is something we are aware of. It’s on our todo list but its currently second to other features as you are able to manually create a vhost (or even an empty siteworx account) with an alphabetically superior name to replicate this behavior. It will be added to InterWorx in the future, though.