Setting Spam Score for email in SiteWorx, no required_score option in drop down?

Was trying to set a custom override for one user in SiteWorx and the only thing in the dropdown was “score” instead of “required_score”
I tried hacking it through Chrome inspector, but got an error that required_score isn’t a valid option.

Also, when going into the user account on RoundCube it says fails to make changes to spam preferences, that it can’t connect to database. But going back to SiteWorx, I now see the required_score in there. So I guess it’s a false error.

And in Horde it doesn’t even show the preferences to change them, just says no preferences to edit.

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Please see pics of horde spam preferences - I think you goto preferences, show advanced preferences and spam - I did see where it shows your message no spam preferences show.

Also, the vacation is now set correctly on the email account (checked against the siteworx user email account)

This is from a Centos 7 running latest version of IW-CP (6.4.1) and using Dovecot

Reguired_score only appears to be avaialble from a nodeworx user on global so not sure why the required_score is not showing on siteworx user account - unless score is equal to required_score

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Yeah, maybe it’s just a bug/oversight? I’m not even sure what “score” does, which is available.