Setting up a Server SSL Certificate in NodeWorx

The new SSL Certificates Tool that came out in InterWorx version 4.4.0 is a nice and welcome feature indeed. However before you head off to NodeWorx > Server > SSL Certificates here are a few things you will want to do to save some time and hassle of getting your 3rd party SSL Certificate reissued because you where not up to speed on this new tool like what happen to me. Hope this saves some one some hassle.

We will assume you are logged into NodeWorx and at the SSL Certificates Page follow these simple steps:

1) Click on [ Generate a Self-Signed SSL Certificate ]
2) Fill in the Form (remember the trend by most 3rd Party Certificate issuers is to move to 2048-bit Key Lenghts)
3) After you have filled out the Generate a Self-Signed SSL Certificate form and have clicked on SAVE button you will see your new Private Key, Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Self-Signed Certificate.
VERY IMPORTANT: Open up Note Pad, or your favorite coding software (I like to use the free PSPad) and save the Private Key, Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and Self-Signed Certificate. IF you do not save it, you will not be able to see these again in NodeWorx, they will have to be recreated.
4) If you are going to use a 3rd party supplier for your SSL Certificates go ahead and make application at this time using the CSR you copied and saved to your PC (yes a Mac is a PCPersonal Computer, unless yours is a CCCommunity Computer :smiley: )
5) Once the 3rd Party SSL Certificate if issued, go back to NodeWorx > Server > SSL Certificates and add the your new 3rd Party SSL Certificate individually to each service, or just do what I did and use the [Update All Services ]. Now here is the tricky part. Remember where you saved the Private Key in Step 3 above as you will need it when you update one or ALL of your services with your new 3rd Party SSL Certificate. Copy the Private Key and the new 3rd Party SSL Certificate (I am assuming you will not be using the Self-Signed Certificate) and click Save.
6) Now you are ALMOST Done, unlike SiteWorx where the Web Server (Apache) is restarted, you will have to restart the Web Server(Apache) service manually, which can be done easily enough in NodeWorx at System Services > Web Server and Under Web Server Control clicking the Restart Button next to Action (the Red/Green Arrows).

Once the Web Server has restarted check your SSL Certificate you should be good to go.

Hope this helps some one.

Regarding #6: The web server will restart, but not right away. You can restart it manually, but it will restart when the fively cron runs. We’re trying to shy away from actions that restart the web server every time it is called. :slight_smile:

Glad to see the new SSL Cert Tool is going over so well. If there are any improvements you would like to see, please let us know and we’ll take them into consideration.