Setting up Gmail for my Interworx server

Hey All,

I’m going insane with what is probably a small problem. :confused:

I just need to know how to set up my server which uses Interworx to use Gmail? Do I do it on a server level or a site level? What are the steps?

Here are the instructions that Gmail gives:

Thanks for your help!

Ed Brancheau

In Nodeworx > System Services > DNS Server > Zones

Find the Domain, click [Edit].

Then edit the MX record line and add others as appropriate.

If you are just a SiteWorx user, contact your Reseller or Server Administrator to do this for you.

That’s correct - or, if you’re running interworx version 4.0, you can go to SiteWorx -> Administration -> Mail Options -> Remote Setup. From there you can disable local delivery for the domain, and add the MX records.