Setting up my new CentOS5 server today!

Wanted to start a thread where I can any little things that seem like they could be useful to someone else as I setup the server…

1) Yum now requires you list the arch you want for certain programs. I installed ImageMagick and had to do “yum install ImageMagick.x86_64” so that it wouldn’t install both the 32 and 64 bit packages
2) sudo file has new force tty option that prevents you from using sudo form a webpage for example, you can comment this out.
3) POP3 connection errors (see
4) DNS - I had a site with an off site DNS server and when it transfer it did bring that over but also created a new entry to the local website IP. So I had to mail. entries in the DNS and the first one (local) was taking precedence.

In lieu of an official centos5 server distro (not available yet), did you end up installing the base package or did you find another configuration that worked better?

I setup a pretty basic system on test server and it seemed to work fine. Iworx will automatically remove conflicting packages when its installing. I usually just do a pretty vanilla “server install” from the CentOS installer.

As per my new production box I dont know exactly how it was setup as I do not colo and was setup by my DC provider, but it is pretty similar to my test box setup.