Setting up PTR record for IPv6 Address

Is there anything special I need to do to get this working?

I’ve had my hosting company transfer IPv6 rDNS to my registered DNS domain (which points back to my InterWorx server).
I set a PTR record up for the domain and when doing a query on the IPv6 address, even from SSH on the server itself, it times out.

The only thing that is a bit different is the forward lookup DNS is hosted with a third party (through my registrar), but I’ve been told that this shouldn’t matter by my hosting company as it’s two different types of lookups.

Hi justec

I hope you don’t mind, but is your hosting company in full charge of ip.

If you want to pm me your ipv6 I’ll check tommorow night and let you know.

I don’t think it should time out, but as yet, we don’t have any ipv6 cidr, although we can have a cidr for free

Many thanks


Yes, they own the IPs for both IPv4 and IPv6. The IPv4 they control the rDNS because I don’t have a big enough block of them for them to delegate control to me. For IPv6 the way they assign them is in huge blocks, so they were able to point the rDNS for that to my server.

What’s weird is doing a local lookup against my InterWorx DNS from on the server, it will return a rDNS PTR record for IPv4 on the domain, but not for the IPv6. I’d starting to think either this DNS can’t do rDNS for IPv6 or there is just a bug / misconfig on my system and I’ll need to open a support ticket.

Hi justin

To be honest, I’d probably open a support ticket and IW have a look to see what’s happening.

I cannot test as we have not as yet taken up our ipv6 cidr, but thinking we will

Hope that helps

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Hi justin

Sorry, a thought came to me, but I maybe thinking of off someone else entirely sorry

Are the NS for the domain pointing to your IW server

If not, you might be better pointing your NS to your IW server

Are the new ipv6 shown in your DNS server for querying, nodeworx, system, dns, overview, dns servers used for queries

If not, you will need to add them so it can lookup ipv6 queries

I would still open a support ticket, it’s just my thoughts sorry

Many thanks


There was a small bug. Now that it’s fixed everything is working normal!