Shell Names and Numbers

Why does nodeworx turn numbers into their equivilent words?

I tried to create an account for myself, using the domain “”, and it created my shell account as “frthreed”, instead of “fred” (which was the username) or “fr3d” as I expected it to…

Is there a way of (manually) changing or stopping this behaviour, or manually setting the shell name on account creation?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Interworx uses the first 8 letters of a domain, so I am presuming that in order to achieve this, it replaces numbers with their word equivalents, although I cant say I had noticed this behavior on any of our boxes. It may be because the domain on its own (using the 3) wouldn’t have been 8 chars long?

But what would happen if my domain was thats only 3 letters, and still only 6 if you include the TLD too :S

Yes, EverythingWeb is correct. That is how we generate uniqnames. We try to always generate 8 character usernames if possible, translating numbers to the full-text equivalent. However, as Fr3d pointed out, some cases, like, will produce less than 8 character usernames

Unfortunately, there is no way to override or change this, nor is it possible to manually change the usernames after the fact because a lot depends on this username and we store it in several places.


Ahh, ok thanks.