Show if SiteWorx Account is using Dedicated IP

In NodeWorx > SiteWorx > Accounts

I would like to quickly see if any account is using a dedicated IP address and be able to sort by the SiteWorx accounts using a didicated IP address.

Maybe right after Action [?] column you can have “Dedicated IP”, or just “IP” and in the column in each row either have the dedicated IP address or, say YES or NO if that SiteWorx account is using a dedicated IP. If you do use YES or NO, make it so that when you mouse over YES you can see the dedicated IP similar in the way that it is done when you are on Server > IP Management and you mouse over the [ 1 Domains ] you see the domain(s) that is using that associated IP address.

This would help in a lot when trying to see if a specific domain has a dedicated IP address.

That’s… actually a really good idea. Okay, submitted as Feature Request.