Shutting down Iworx

This is probably a very dumb question but my server has experimented very high loads lately which ultimately take the server down, somehow I discovered (I may be wrong but it works) that restarting iworx most of the time solves the issue and kills more than 50 sleeping processes at the same time, so I was wondering about the possibility of shutting down iworx and restarting it from shell only when needed, is that feasible and would cause no issues?
I do not sell hosting and I am the only user, I use iworx beacuse I am not very skilled and iworx provides me with a easy to use interface, for us, dummies. :o
Plase, don?t misunderstand me, I love iworx, somehow it saved my life, but my server is not precisely the latest tech.


That should NOT be happening, please feel free to open a support ticket and someone will take a look at your box.