Single letter email address can't be added?

I’m trying to add an email address that is a single letter (so that I can keep the address that’s been used for the last 6 years). But when I try to add it in Siteworx it says “Error: illegal username”.


Is this a setting somewhere that I can change? I don’t want a minimum username length and have never run into this before.


Hi OrangeChicken-
This is definitely odd behaviour, I’m going to have a look and ask some of the other devs about it. I don’t know if there is a reason we’re disallowing one letter email addresses or not. I’ll post back with any info I find.


So it looks like vpopmail lib will not accept 1 character usernames. Usernames must be at least two characters. I don’t know if there is anything we can do about this, as I’m not 100% sure that we want to mess with that library. I will ask the other devs what they think, though.



Good news is that I’m submitting a bug for this- we’ll find away to work around this limitation. Nice catch.


Thanks Dustin. Do you think that a work around is fast-coming or, since it’s a problem with vpopmail, that it will be an unknown amount of time?

Quick (temp) fix…

Let email you want =

Create an email called whatever, maybe something like
Then create an alias email called and foward that to

OK, I’ll try it. This means I can receive mail to the old account, but can’t send email using the one-letter account (… or can I)

You won’t actually be able to send out through the one letter account, but most email programs let you set the reply to email address to whatever you want. So you could set that to

Let us know if this works.

Hi Dave-
After more talking with the devs, it seems as if we could recompile vpopmail with the --without-users-big-dir option, but this would prevent directory hashing for the user names which is potentially very bad. So, Justec’s workaround (I also found that suggested on other mailing lists) is probably the best that we are going to be able to do.


Weird that it requires a minimum of 2 letters to do the hashing. I think that Justin’s suggestion will work - hopefully it’s something that can be explored further down the road (because it’s awfully weird)